Sal and Mo are getting MARRIED! These two are crazy about each other. I mean you can see it in the way Sal rolls her eyes at the things that Mo says, and how she tells him to shut up before he's done with the joke he's about to tell 😂 This is actually shockingly similar to the way Steph loves me. Seriously though, Sal and Mo are so excited to get married and at the first sign of a 60 degree day, Sal reached out and said LET'S GO! We met up at one of my favorite places to photograph, the Art Factory and I got to know Sal and Mo even more. It was definitley one of the best days we've had in a while, the sun was shining beautifully, and it was just warm enough that we didn't freeze. It also didn't hurt that they dressed to the nines and were willing to do anything for "the shot"! Really looking forward to this wedding!